Alix Yallowega '19


By Sarah Zacharias '08, Acting Director of Hockey
In recent years, the importance of taking some time away from the rink has been preached by players and coaches alike. The belief is that players can wear themselves out playing one sport for 10-12 months of the year, resulting in what is known as burnout (a.k.a. "overtraining" or "overuse injury"). Allowing players to have some time away from one sport to focus on another is great for motor skills, furthers skill development in different areas, and overall gives players a chance to yearn to get back on the ice, which is a feeling every coach wants for her players.

At Balmoral Hall, we encourage our athletes to hang up their skates now and then to enjoy some of the other sports the school has to offer. The Blazers have seen players compete in cross-country, track and field, volleyball, basketball, badminton, soccer, and ultimate.
Here are a few of the most recent accolades our players have received:
  • Kathryn Lyon (Grade 11) participated with Team Manitoba in flag football throughout Summer 2017.
  • Kennesha Miswaggon (Grade 11) recently participated in the Tamar Thomas canoe marathon, a two-day race that runs for more than 4.5 hours, placing 4th overall. Also, this year, she participated in the Maryanne Muminnawatum York boat championships over the course of two days. The youngest member of her team of eight, Kennesha helped to secure the championship title and a $15,000 grand prize for her team!
  • Megan Schroeder (Grade 11) placed 1st overall in provincial JV female discus in 2016, and she won zones for MHSAA doubles badminton in 2017.
  • Alix Yallowega (Grade 11) placed 4th at the 2017 female ultimate nationals with Team Manitoba, and she was a semifinalist for two consecutive seasons (2016 and 2017) at MHSAA Track and Field 100m sprints.
  • Karine Sandilands (Grade 10) recently scored two goals to help her team, Lindenwood Vipers, win the 2017 U-15 Winnipeg soccer championships.
  • Ashlyn Zaharia (Grade 9) placed 2nd overall in provincial JV female shotput in 2016.
    • Alix Yallowega '19